Use as "raw material" of conventional 15-inch monitor. Unscrew the fastening bolts and remove the front panel (it may be on the latch and not the bolt open with a screwdriver). Disconnect the screen from the monitor Cabinet. Do this carefully so as not to break the internal cables and wires.
Put the screen aside and take care of the USB controller. Wrap it just in case duct tape (it still is not heated, so don't worry about it). Stick back double-sided tape, which the controller will be attached to the body (it will be enough, because of efforts on the touchscreen to be no).
Glue the USB controller to the housing (attach so that it is not peeking from behind the metal cover, and was at level with her because then it will be necessary to put the screen in place).
Remove the excess edges on the bottom of the fan grid of the monitor. It is necessary to hold the USB cable controller outside. To do this, use a soldering iron and an ordinary scalpel or knife. Print the cable and secure it with plastic ties (then the cable will not hang the build process and do not accidentally break during operation).
Thoroughly flush the screen and stick onto the steel frame of the monitor screen thin double-sided tape. Then glue on the glass from the touch screen. Connect the touch screen and USB controller by using the cable with the connector. As the loop is rather thin, then wrap it around the screen and around the base of the screen. Glue and to hang out.
Put the mounting strip. If when installing the front panel will press on the touch screen and interfere with Kalinovka, make small tabs on the corners of the monitor and attach the panel to them. Test-drive your touch screen. If this happens, congratulations!