Press the Windows key or click the "start" button to enter the main menu of the Windows operating system. Expand the "All programs" and click "Standard" is one of the last rows in the list in this topic. Again scroll to the bottom and select the section "Special possibilities". And finally, the last action in the main menu - click the link, on-Screen keyboard.
When you first start this application appears on the screen an information message, not bearing any functional load. In it, Microsoft reports that in Windows there are other programs for people with disabilities. Below this window did not appear in subsequent runs, check the box "do not show this message again".
You can not use the main OS menu to display the on-screen keyboard if you prefer to do without the mouse. Press Win and R to display the run dialog programs. Type the short command of the three letters osk and press Enter. Simulator keyboard will appear on the screen, as in the previous step.
Some Internet sites have embedded in their pages simplified analogues of the on-screen keyboard. For example, many online banks offer their customers to use these panels to enter logins, passwords and other information into the web form. This allows you to protect against an entire class of spyware- keyloggers. And in the popular Google search engine icon to invoke a simplified analogue keyboard, if necessary, appears between the input search query and click send it to the server.
Install additional program that generates the on-screen analogue keyboard, if possible built-in OS applications you are not satisfied. To find a suitable option on the Internet.