Advice 1: How to make a stylus for capacitive screen

All know that capacitive screens don't support clicking objects that do not conduct electricity, i.e., with gloves to operate the phone with such screen does not work. But there is a way - this stylus is that you can make with your own hands.
How to make a stylus for capacitive screen
You will need
  • Aluminum foil;
  • Q-tip;
  • Ballpoint pen;
  • Tape;
  • A pair of scissors.
Disassemble a ballpoint pen and leave only the hull. Next, cut the cotton swab about in half and insert one end of the handle so that the fleece was touching the end of the barrel of the pen.
When ready, wrap the entire handle with foil. Wrap so that the foil is touching the cotton tip. This is to ensure that electric current could pass from the hands of the foil to the tip of the rod and consequently to the smartphone screen.
After the floor wrap the handle with tape. After wetting the cotton tip with water. All, stylus is ready. It is possible to try it on the capacitive screen.
Useful advice
When you use this stylus, before it is better to have a glass of water to wet the cotton tip, otherwise when it dries, a stylus will not work.

Advice 2: How easy it is to make the output on the one hand

This element is quite simple in execution, but at the same time is very important, as is the basis for other, more complex elements. No matter what you build, you will be able to make out on one hand.
Access to one
Pull-UPS and push-UPS. So you easily carry this item, learn how to catch up on the bar 10 times, not tucking in his legs and keeping them straight, and exercise from the floor at least 20 times.
A very important pull-UPS and push-UPS.
Checkbox. The next step is to fix the check box, as shown in the picture. To make it easier to make this part of the element after pull-UPS you can put the forearm parallel to the crossbar, and then out into the box.
To do push-UPS on a horizontal bar. After you leave the check box to fix the second arm on the horizontal bar, as shown in the picture. To make it easier to do it, you can have a little wobble. With this position you need to do push-UPS on a horizontal bar and out on the straight arm.
Be careful when picking a box, since if it is off hand, you can hurt your thumb.
Useful advice
Once you may fail, but the important thing is perseverance and regularity. If you develop these two factors, achieve great results.
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