You will need
  • Set of screwdrivers (T4, T5, T6, etc.), thin wooden or rubber stick, new touch screen.
If for some reason the touch screen of your "device" requires replacement, first determine the exact model of the device and screen. Although now you can buy any spare part for certain things, but reinsurance is not to make a mistake.
The exact model of your device (phone, tablet, etc.) listed in the data sheet, look at it (useful in the future when you order or purchase parts for repairs).
Find the complete instructions for disassembly of your "device". This instruction can be in the same data sheet, but if it's not there, find a guide on disassembly on the Internet (better if it is a video).
Pick up the right screwdriver and fixtures for disassembly (almost all manufacturers attach their devices to the various bolts). Unscrew all bolts and remove all parts that prevent detaching of the screen.
When you get to the screen, view the exact code. Usually it is listed on the lower part.
Purchase a way you see exactly the same screen (better if you bring it to the store the old display). If you fail to find the exact same screen on the residence, then make a reservation via the Internet (if it is not urgent, it is best to order from abroad, for example, with eBay, will be longer, but cheaper).
Buying a new display, remove the old one that attaches to the main Board using ribbon cable. Be careful, the Flex cable is very thin, so disconnect it without sharp movements mild stick (if the thickness of the fingers allows to do this, it can be a finger).
Also neatly connect the new screen, inserting the loop into the groove on the Board.
Assemble the device, following the reverse order of removal. Firmly (but not hard) to screw on the bolts. Turn on the device to make sure it is working.