Advice 1: How to impress a woman in bed

Women often try to deliver a man maximum pleasure in bed. They use a variety of methods. As for men, sometimes sex, they don't think about your girlfriend, and try for themselves.
How to impress a woman in bed

Foreplay before sex

When your joint sex life is at an early stage, surprise girl in bed can cause rupture of relations. You need to understand what she wants in a partner before you experiment. In the beginning with the aim to satisfy their partner better to resort to the proven time and millions of men methods.

Rare woman, a cold-blooded preliminary caresses. The whole interest lies in the game itself, in the affection and foreplay, not actual intercourse, which should be the result. The game consists in the mutual tenderness - it can be gentle stroking, light kissing, covering the woman's body.
When a man pays maximum attention to the woman's body, not his, the partner begins to feel lonely with the subject of Masturbation, but rather a goddess.

Fresh ways of doing sex

But what to do when sex becomes or begins to become a planned activity? This often happens from longtime partners, for example, couples who have lived together for more than one year. Routine sexual intercourse is not such a small problem, because in this situation the possibility of betrayal and its probability increases significantly.

Hugh Hefner in his 80 years, said, "I had almost all the girls of Playboy having sex since the age of 14 but not attained a tenth of all his secrets." And he's right. The man who claims about absolute knowledge in the field of sex are likely to not maybe even surprise a woman in bed. Many men, for example, underestimate the weight and importance of cunnilingus.
This relatively simple technique can bring a woman to orgasm and often much faster than classic sex.

When the problem should be solved quickly and efficiently, to help to come the sex Commerce. All the old worn toys should be in the garbage. Try sex shopping. Embark on a sex-shop together with his beloved woman. Try to buy her some sexy lingerie. If a woman in bed will look good, she will begin to feel differently. In addition to physical satisfaction, she will experience and the moral, because in a beautiful sexy lingerie she would feel irresistible and liberated.

Another way to give pleasure in bed with your woman is uttering gentle words. Try to whisper in her ear about his love, about how good you guys are together, about what drives you crazy. It sometimes drives women to madness. They understand that you value them, and begin to try even harder.

Advice 2: How to surprise in bed man

Men, like women, love pleasant surprises. Only they are not so romantic, the flowers and trinkets - not for them. But in bed you can surprise them with something unusual.
How to surprise in bed man
If you want to surprise your man in bed, then start with the right dinner. The assurances of sexologists, sex in 89% of pairs begins with the standard foreplay. But why stick to worn-out stereotypes? Start the foreplay already in the kitchen! Prepare a romantic dinner with candles create an intimate atmosphere. Of food for dinner it is better to use those that increase libido - mushrooms, seafood, red wine ( in small quantities!). For dessert, offer the man a fruit Cup with whipped cream, just serve them on a platter, and on your own body... This atmosphere has a positive effect on both.
Many men like to watch their woman being attached to pleasures. Let him see it, and reap the reward of mind-blowing sex! Even sexologists say that 80% of men want to see his woman in the image of Schoolgirls, nurses, police. This is a great reason to go to a sex shop and buy a sexy costume for role games in bed. Stand in front of a man in a new way to surprise him.
By nature men are predators. Support this game, give your partner a resistance - even if he wins! Surprisingly, this is the easiest way to impress a man in sex, and most importantly - happy.
You can still use in bed different accessories: leather whips, handcuffs. From time to time and the woman should stay in the role of the predator: tie a partner's eyes, start to caress his tongue, ice cubes or a feather to sharpen his sensations. And erotic massage is the way he will excite the man and after the excitation reaches its climax. All his passion, the man will strike down upon thee with great generosity. You will only have to enjoy the process. And do not think during sex, how to impress a man in bed - surrender of passion, showing itself in all its glory.
If all these options don't suit you, then start small - get beautiful linens and expensive underwear. Those stupid things can affect the quality of sex. After all, the man first loves eyes. If you want a home in the ordinary robe, the man was very surprised, when in bed you will stand before him in a sexy negligee. Can even dance to him a Striptease. But the best way to learn how to talk openly with a man to learn what he likes, then you will know how to surprise him in bed. Good sex saves and strengthens love!
Erotic massage should not begin to do the man before going to sleep after his day's work. In addition to filing, massage is very relaxing. And you also want to surprise him, but it would be difficult to do if the man falls asleep.
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