A girl's gotta take matters into your own hands. Guys love it when a lady is active. Act unexpectedly, when a young man from you, nothing new awaits! Further already all depends on imagination. You need to start from the preferences of the partner. Remember the erotic fantasies of men.

If you don't know the preferences of your partner in sex, you proceed from the most common male fantasies. We will consider three such fantasies.

Sex in unusual place

It is desirable that this happened spontaneously. A lot of options - sex in the car sex on the roof of the house, in a public place, in the woods. There are more extreme options, but they are already on the fan, start with an easy one. Although the more unusual the place will be chosen, the more adrenaline you and your partner will receive. You are not ready for such experiments? Well, move from the bedroom to the bathroom - there also can be a good idea to make love.

Sex with a nurse, teacher, boss lady, etc.

One night you play as a character from men's dreams. Pre-plan the details of his erotic costume, visit a sex shop. Most importantly think about the scenario - as you start to seduce the partner how you will develop after this event. Of course, improvisation in the process has not been canceled.

Position from the top

Men love when the woman is on top. Wear tight fitting clothing under her sexy lace lingerie (or not at all). Lead female temptress, get a partner, and then enjoy sex with him in the top positions. The man will just have to lie down and to enjoy the process. In addition, you can apply aphrodisiacs - massage with essential oils, a perfume with aphrodisiac, relaxing music.