Touch her. Do it as if by chance, casually, but your touch needs to speak volumes. They are short, but all the fullness of the senses. For example, a girl cuts in the kitchen, a salad or watering the flowers. Gently come up to her and, slowly, bring the palms of the hands at the waist, descending to her stomach. Then slowly take your hands. This gesture will be enough that the woman felt heat and desire.
Kiss her, especially in those moments when she is not waiting. Pay special attention to the erogenous zones for example neck, back, shoulders. But your kisses do not have to be sensual, because pleasure is not always associated with sex. Make her laugh unexpected rumbling in the belly or kiss on the nose.
Whisper in her ear. Girls love it when you say, not so much because of spoken words, and as for the ticklish breeze from your breath. And no need to say banal vulgarity or boring compliments. If you say, do not lose your intelligence. Graceful joke or remark, said sensually in your ear, cause your girl a wave of emotions, besides the game is clearly not over.
Give her a massage. She works at the computer, come without asking and slowly massage her shoulders. In the evening, when you watch the movie, pay attention to her feet. Pay attention to the cleavage, which is located at the base of the thumb. The Chinese considered it a point of "female bestiality". Don't rush, remember that you want to give your woman pleasure all the time. Enjoy touching her skin.
If all your actions have led you to the bedroom, now you can go in search of the secret center of feminine pleasure – points of G. consider the posture of the rider, and when you're back, and also, don't forget about the hands.
RUB her body with oil, slowly massage every part of it, stimulating the sexual organs. Take the process, do not strive to the standard solution. The most fun is being on edge.