In order to satisfy a woman, you need to tune at her wave. To feel her, to adapt. This will help the two psychological technique - "mirroring" and simultaneous breathing. First try to get a woman into the rhythm, notice when she inhales the air when exhaling. Speed up or slow down your own breathing. "Mirroring" is the repetition of the gestures of a friend. She straightens her hair and you are correct, she touches your wrist and you touch. Very soon you will notice that started to do the same movements together, without special adjustment.
When you turned on the woman psychologically, sex would be better. But the physical sensations are important. Remember that many women to achieve orgasm need the stimulation of the clitoris. Help yourself with the hands. But be careful. This is a very delicate part of the body, too sharp and strong movements can cause the woman pain. Best of all ask, whether that you touched hands there.
Ask the woman to tell about their feelings to guide you, to speak, to move faster or slower. Kiss the neck, chest, abdomen over time, you'll find all the erogenous zones. With nipples treated very carefully. They are very sensitive, and in a certain period of the menstrual cycle, before menstruation or during ovulation, even a slight touch can cause pain.
If you want to try new kind of sex - anal, oral - inform the woman. If she can't, relax - it will hurt. Use of lubrication and lubricants to make penetration easier.
Use your fingers and tongue to bring a woman to orgasm in case if you finished early. It is not necessary to dwell on the sensations that give pleasure to the partner. Otherwise the next time the joint in the evening she had "a splitting headache", she was "tired at work" or just "really want to sleep."