Discard comfortable flannel pajamas and a nightgown to toe, as did the young Marilyn. Of course, it is comfortable and warm. But going to bed without clothes on or in a translucent silk nightgown, it is unlikely you will freeze in the warm embrace of the excited wife. Purchase sexy lingerie, erotic stockings on the belt and lace babydolls.
Get to know your body. Consider yourself in the mirror, find the best angles, rate how you look in beautiful poses. Prepare the feather, silk ribbon, for example, a massager. Touch the different texture objects, their body parts, move them to the chest, buttocks, thighs, back. Remember your sensations during intimacy should certainly share with your partner. Careful, correct, correct affection - the key to the highest pleasure of orgasm. The self-esteem of a partner will increase your sympathetic reaction to his touch. This secret belonged to Lilya Brik, the Muse of the great Mayakovsky, okoldovana men are not only passionate temperament, but also the ability to compliment, raising self-esteem of men. However, she categorically would not tolerate banal things (both in bed and in a conversational genre).
To be sexy, passionate and beautiful – enough to achieve the status of ideal lover. Learn to be unpredictable, interesting, deep. For example, the famous mistress the Marquise de Pompadour gained fame as the femme fatale ability to surprise the men. And amazed she did not so much intelligence, much ingenuity and invention. She started role-playing, dressed up in unexpected costumes, with each new meeting, honing his unparalleled mastery of disguise in bed.
Another enviable lover, the gorgeous Sophia Loren, had insanely sexy in a low voice, one whisper bringing men crazy. Gentle chest voice, in the arms of her lover turning into a passionate cry, gave the image of Sophia Loren a special appeal. The ability to control the voice - a unique weapon of love seduction. The unusual timbre of Pauline Viardot was just introduced in the ecstasy of love with her Turgenev. When she sang, he wept. Learn to control your voice, use it during lovemaking.
If you are different to look at, take the example of the legendary Sonya Golden hand. According to witnesses, she was no taller than five feet, her skin had noticeable flaws, and his right cheek was scarred with the wart. But Sura Blyuvstein (her real name) had a remarkable ability to hypnotize with a glance. Use this effective method of seduction.