Advice 1: How to be the perfect mistress

The legendary Queen of hearts Marilyn Monroe once shared their secret with journalists: "the Best babydoll for me is a few drops of perfume Chanel". But this is not the only secret of perfect mistresses. To become a coveted Queen in bed, a lot of hard work.
How to be the perfect mistress
Discard comfortable flannel pajamas and a nightgown to toe, as did the young Marilyn. Of course, it is comfortable and warm. But going to bed without clothes on or in a translucent silk nightgown, it is unlikely you will freeze in the warm embrace of the excited wife. Purchase sexy lingerie, erotic stockings on the belt and lace babydolls.
Get to know your body. Consider yourself in the mirror, find the best angles, rate how you look in beautiful poses. Prepare the feather, silk ribbon, for example, a massager. Touch the different texture objects, their body parts, move them to the chest, buttocks, thighs, back. Remember your sensations during intimacy should certainly share with your partner. Careful, correct, correct affection - the key to the highest pleasure of orgasm. The self-esteem of a partner will increase your sympathetic reaction to his touch. This secret belonged to Lilya Brik, the Muse of the great Mayakovsky, okoldovana men are not only passionate temperament, but also the ability to compliment, raising self-esteem of men. However, she categorically would not tolerate banal things (both in bed and in a conversational genre).
To be sexy, passionate and beautiful – enough to achieve the status of ideal lover. Learn to be unpredictable, interesting, deep. For example, the famous mistress the Marquise de Pompadour gained fame as the femme fatale ability to surprise the men. And amazed she did not so much intelligence, much ingenuity and invention. She started role-playing, dressed up in unexpected costumes, with each new meeting, honing his unparalleled mastery of disguise in bed.
Another enviable lover, the gorgeous Sophia Loren, had insanely sexy in a low voice, one whisper bringing men crazy. Gentle chest voice, in the arms of her lover turning into a passionate cry, gave the image of Sophia Loren a special appeal. The ability to control the voice - a unique weapon of love seduction. The unusual timbre of Pauline Viardot was just introduced in the ecstasy of love with her Turgenev. When she sang, he wept. Learn to control your voice, use it during lovemaking.
If you are different to look at, take the example of the legendary Sonya Golden hand. According to witnesses, she was no taller than five feet, her skin had noticeable flaws, and his right cheek was scarred with the wart. But Sura Blyuvstein (her real name) had a remarkable ability to hypnotize with a glance. Use this effective method of seduction.

Advice 2 : How to be a better lover in bed

Sex is not limited to sexual intercourse. Delightful lovemaking assuming proper environment, affection, words and more. After reviewing all the details of this process, you will be able to become a great lover.
How to be a better lover in bed
Listen to the desires of the partner. It happens that a man uses the services of moths, because they can realize their fantasies, with the woman – no. Of course, to talk about their secret dreams hard and even a little ashamed, however, to know the right information you can.
Seduce your man, make him lose a head from desire and ask what he wants right now. Try to fulfill his desires, but do not forget about her. When partners are not shy to tell each other what they would like to do while making love, make sex great for both of becomes much easier.
Do some belly dancing, try to learn the art of Striptease. Both will help you learn your body, its advantages, and to learn how beautiful and sensually moving. Take video lessons alone, practise the most difficult movements, practice regularly. Dance in front of the mirror, peer into the recesses of his body. Allow yourself to open up, become more sensual and less constrained. Over time, you will be able to demonstrate their art in front of a man, and, believe me, will not leave him indifferent.
Don't be afraid to experiment. Buy sexy outfits, arrange surprises, use a variety of sex toys. Try making love in hotel, picnic etc. If some of friends can give you my apartment for one night – take the opportunity to have sex with her man on foreign soil. All new, unusual care and helps to diversify the intimate life and strengthen the desire.
Forget about the stereotypes. The number of sexual acts per week and per month, their duration and other indicators are strictly individual. Words, caresses, movements – all this should be fun couple, and no matter how many times and where they make love. Just do what you like for your partner, and of course what you like.

Advice 3 : An interesting situation: the mistress of a rich men

Women often become the mistresses of married men. This position would suit them, because they are no obligation to the man. However, the status of sexual partner, can have a very interesting color: you can become not just a mistress, and to have a rich man.
An interesting situation: the mistress of a rich men

What to do to become the mistress of a rich man

The first thing you need to do to attract the attention of a potential lover is to develop the interest to the person, sexual attraction. First you need a stylish and attractive dress.
This will help you a short, sexy dresses, high heels, everything that will emphasize the beauty of your figure.

Also very important is the makeup. Use a little mascara and shadow for expressive eyes and don't forget the glitter on your lips, they should look lush and bright. After all, men pay attention to how seductive woman is all about.

When you meet the right man, find out he just wants to have fun or married but still looking for a mistress. If he met you only in order to have fun, such a novel does not make sense, as it will not be long, and this man will not, most likely, no financial support, as young and beautiful girls around him very much.

In that case, if he has a wife, but he is in search of happiness outside the family, this is the best option for you. You will be able to become his mistress in that case, if he will start to trust you. Then your relationship will last long, and if it is to you, the money is on your content he will not be sorry.
Be careful. Your lover in any case don't have to guess about your own purposes and calculations, otherwise your relationship will end too sadly and rapidly.

The Internet in search of a wealthy sponsor

Practice has repeatedly shown that the Internet can help in the search for a wealthy lover. In the networks of the world wide web has a huge number of Dating sites. A considerable part of them are those that seek their fortunes wealthy and promising men. Important in search process - to prevent a number of errors, frightening off potential rich boyfriend. For this you need to behave feel as normal as possible and not to make any allusions to money.

In that case, if a man will not know that you are with him for the most part because of money, your relationship will last long and will bring you huge benefit, as most rich men are friendly and lenient towards women. It should not be forgotten that all rich people are more demanding of others, and for the use of their money and care you will also have to pay more.
In their dreams of wealth, remember that money is only a small part of the vital components in the pursuit of well-being be prepared for anything, because it may not bring you the desired happiness.

Advice 4 : The secrets of the perfect mistress

Relationship men and women can be perfect not only in the case when the partner knows how to cook, take care of your life partner and look good at any time of the day. The maximum that a man wants from his beloved is certain her sexual performance.
The secrets of the perfect mistress

The first and main secret of a perfect lover, knowing how to keep a man sex, is an accurate knowledge of the needs of this man. It is important to understand that detailed instructions are not attached to the partner, and is prepared through experiments and straight talk in bed.

The second secret is the most memorable sex for men, this night is not a master of the Kama Sutra, and with a woman who he truly wants. With such a mistress male pride jumps up to the heavens, and release the woman, making love with genuine pleasure, can only emotionless post.

Secret number three – Kegel exercises, allowing not only to master and to control the muscles of the vagina, but also to keep the wall in good shape almost until old age. Through these exercises, a woman can deliver a man heavenly pleasure, without special or tedious bed tricks.

The fourth secret is that a mistress was able to gain a firm foothold in the minds of men on a subconscious level. Sexologists recommend the following trick: at the moment of male orgasm to click on any point on his body. Over time, the pleasure the man will begin to tightly associate with that feeling, which will be known only his woman.

Fifth and not less important, the secret sex life should involve constant seducing men. Little one or two times to wear as a favour beautiful lingerie and pretend to be passionate courtesan – the most durable ties are found among couples where the woman gives the man the chance to feel like a real alpha male, hunting for prey.

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