The attitude of sexy games at everyone, both men and women have different views. You need to understand that in the mind of another, to give maximum pleasure. To understand personal preferences will help time in a few months you will know all about desires of your partner, but early in the relationship is not so simple and clear.

Sex in the head

For women, the sex act begins long before hitting the bed. She's watching the reaction of the man, drew attention to how he behaves, what he is interested in. It is important to show her that you care not only her body, and her character, habits. Let the girl talk, listen to her carefully, and it will surely help make her happy.

Create pleasant conditions for communication, start Dating, make nice gifts and surprises. This will also help her tune will confirm to her that she was not mistaken with a partner, the choice was made correctly. The more surprises, the more enthusiastic she will be to accept intimacy, and the higher the chance to meet her.

Not in a hurry to run to bed. Dancing, hugging, kissing is an important part of intimacy. For women this point is very valuable, so let her enjoy watching the sun set near you, walk in the moonlight or a nice dinner. Not trying immediately to kiss, to steal clothes. For women in the period of courtship formed the desire, not miss it, savor this moment, and it will open you to fully be honest and sensual.

Love games

Every woman loves some affection. Someone loves when gentle tongue touch the earlobes, and someone thinks it's terrible. Some are afraid of being tickled, while others delighted in the touch of lips to neck or stomach. Experiment, but watch the reaction. If she likes you immediately will understand, if not, repeat again. It is important to identify the erogenous zones and methods of their stimulation, and this is only possible in practice.

Pay attention to the breast and nipple. Most women are the most sensitive areas. But it is important not to bite or to hurt, and to do gentle movement with your hands or tongue. And remember that 30 seconds of these actions may not be enough.

Before penetration, make sure she is ready, she already wants further action. This will help your fingers or tongue. It will also be an additional stimulation, which women brings great pleasure. Remember that it is important that she first had an orgasm, and then you can finish yourself, so take your time and do what she wants.

After sex, ask her what she remembered most, what she wants to repeat. This can be done in the form of jokes, so as not to embarrass her. But usually the lady gives to understand what you were on top, and what you should use again and again to make her happy.