It is best to act on familiar territory, for that is the best fit your own home. If the girl said Yes to your invitation to "drop by for a Cup of coffee", we can start preparing.
Get out of the apartment and give it a relaxed atmosphere. Throw in a few sofa pillows that have to accept still soft after reclining posture. Make sure that the light in the room was muted and on the coffee table stood a candle.
A true gentleman needs to eat to feed and water the little lady. Neither one nor the other do not get carried away, it will be enough light salads, cold meats and a bottle of champagne or red wine.
Appearance to seduce girls is very important. It is unlikely the girl will like it if you come to it with an open torso, or wrapped in a Terry cloth robe. But the suit and tie at home is not appropriate. So select the best option – clean ironed t-shirt, jeans and some perfume.
Now comes the most important point. Your friend came, she appreciated your appearance and cute sat on the couch next to you. Take your time, do not immediately gang up on the girl with kisses, put her to him. The surest way to do that is talk about your guest. Tell us how she's smart, charming and beautiful. Take the girl by the hand and gently swipe the palm of your hand. If a girl does not shy away from these innocent caresses, you can try to move on to more daring actions. Kiss her in the neck or behind the ear, and if after that the girl did not remember about the strict mother and the rapidly approaching night, you have a chance to spend a magical night.