Advice 1: How to surprise sex the woman you love: 6 simple ways

Want passion in a sexual relationship is not damped out with time, don't be lazy to be creative! There is a simple and reliable tips for men how to surprise sex a woman. The main thing – it should be the desire to give pleasure to the woman and emancipation.
How to surprise sex the woman you love: 6 simple ways


  1. Common and sure way to surprise your partner: buy sexy lingerie for her. You can buy men's sexy swimming trunks and accessories for a variety of love games. No woman will remain indifferent to such a surprise.
  2. A simple but effective way to surprise your girlfriend is by saying comments during sex, using the method of contrasts: tenderness alternate with obscenity. You can impress your favorite woman to the core, especially if you usually prefer silence to enjoy intimacy.
  3. Supplies the advance of the ice cubes from the freezer, put nearby (but not too early, so it doesn't melt!). During foreplay tie the eyes of the woman. Then slide an ice cube over the body. You can start with the lips, neck and slowly down to his stomach, groin, inner sides of thighs. You can take just a couple of ice cubes and to simultaneously start the movement with the fingertips of both hands or feet. Watch the reaction of your partner, you must feel how it is nice.
  4. Sateliite his beloved to the point of exhaustion, starting with the toes, gradually lifting up, be sure to miss the most intimate places to allow more light partner, rise above, and then again descend to the heart. If you have enough patience, it is better to do it at first, when the woman is lying on her stomach, and then back. You can tie the hands of the partner, it will add thrills.
  5. If you haven't used in sex, big mirror, try to include it in sexual play. Voyeurism in itself is stimulating. Optional to mount the mirror on the ceiling above the bed, surely the house has wardrobes with mirrors. It is important for the lighting to be comfortable for women.
  6. Your woman will certainly make a lasting impression if you first gently wash her in the shower or bath, then light massage movements rubbed her body with scented cream, butter or milk. Especially your girlfriend will appreciate a foot massage. This is a perfect sexual foreplay.


Advice 2: Than sex to surprise the man she loved?

If you feel that in your, albeit a very good and stable relationship lacks some peppercorns, you can try simple and effective techniques to surprise and delight your sex lover.
Than sex to surprise the man she loved?

Beautiful lingerie, stockings, high heels – ancient and tested method that is able to inflame men's passion. Sometimes meet at home for her man like that, you can in eve, but heels. Only to find out in advance what kind of mood your man is coming home to avoid misunderstandings.

To introduce novelty in sex, change their appearance by using makeup, wigs or masks. Along with this try to change their usual behavior in bed. Male are polygamous , in fact, but if his beloved woman is multifaceted and inventive, he does not want to look for new experiences on the side.

Invite the beloved role-playing game: Oriental beauty and Lord, innocent victim and a sex maniac, the prostitute and her client, a sexy nurse and a Horny patient, a strict teacher and a careless student, a naive schoolgirl and slutty teacher... you Can discuss the game scenario in advance, and you can safely improvise. It all depends on your imagination, freedom and confidence to each other. Play and have fun with unusual communication!

If you happen to own a pair of old black stockings with puffs and holes, do not throw them away: it's a great prop for a costume the fucker. Make more holes, stretch it tight, and sometime wear torn stockings for an intimate rendezvous under a long skirt. To exacerbate the effect, it is better to be without panties!

During foreplay tie the man's hands tight and enjoy his temporary superiority. Lick your man, avoiding the longer tongue it brought dignity to bring to a white heat. Intuition will tell you when it's time to move on to more thorough action.

Simple technique: agree in advance that sex will take place today in complete silence. It will be juicy in that case, if you usually communicate in bed. Better cut a mouth for reliability, someone who is more talkative.

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