Train and develop

To surprise your man in bed is enough to develop intimate muscles. There are a number of basic exercises that improve the muscles of the vagina. If often to do these exercises in the future you can try to bring the man to orgasm only with the help of intimate muscles. At first, sufficient maximum strain and then relax the muscles throughout the day. It should be done not less than two hundred times a day. An advantage of these exercises is their simplicity. To fulfill their at any time — stuck in traffic, sitting in the office, while doing household chores. After a month of regular exercise, your man will notice an unusual change in the intimate sphere. It is especially useful to do these exercises parous women.

Don't be shy!

Emancipation in bed — the key to incredible sex. If something prevents to relax, try to eliminate it. Take care of your body if you hesitate to have sex in the light because of its imperfections, buy sexy lingerie, which will give you confidence.

If you want to truly please your man, often do him a Blowjob. This kind of sexual touching like almost all men. Make a Blowjob special, for the eat this before the mint is not the only cause of unusual sensations in men but also prolong the subsequent act because the mint or menthol reduces the sensitivity of the head of the penis.

Don't forget that men love with their eyes. Therefore, make sure you choose a pose for sucking. Many men love it when their partners sitting on their Breasts, leaning forward. This will open a wonderful view.

Consider the scenario of sexual games. Roleplay the patient and the nurse or the rich owner of the house and the maid is a great way to spend an evening in an unforgettable setting. The sex that accompanies this kind of game, is incredible. Consider all the little things. Take care of proper lighting, toys that you will use, and the suit in which you appear in front of your partner. Do not use continuously the same script, improvise in the details.

Remember that the emancipation of women even with the flaws (most of which are usually far-fetched) is much more interesting perfect beauty who undress only in the dark, and prefers to make love in the missionary position, keeping absolutely silent.