You will need
  • - music centre with AUX mode;
  • - wire AUX
First, make sure that the music has an AUX. To do this, locate among the available modes on the remote control corresponding button, or view whether the center of the two jacks of different colors on the back panel(usually yellow and red).
Go to the electronics store or radio shack and get the appropriate cable. You can buy a 3.5 mm extension cord.
Connect the cable to the computer via the line out (usually the center hole of the green color on your sound card). The other two insert the plug into the hole for the AUX.
Turn on the center and select the AUX mode, make all the relevant sound settings. In the dialog box, the sound card driver identify the device as a "Speaker" or "Subwoofer". Test the sound.
If there is no sound, run the utility to control the sound driver (its name depends on the model of the sound card). Independently verify the required settings and try to reconnect the cable, check the connections.
If the music centre has the function of video playback, the kit should be a cord that connects to the graphics card via S-Video output. For best quality use an S-Video cable-2RCA. If the plug is not suitable, then to connect, you can use an adapter to RCA which comes with any graphics card. After installing it you can use a cord RCA-2RCA.