Purchase or assemble the power supply with an output voltage of 12 V. If it is not stabilized, even at idle the voltage on the output under any circumstances should not exceed 14 V. the Load capacity of the unit may be small, but the capacity is much less than the maximum consumed by the radio. Just the radio will not be able to develop maximum power output. But this can be done only if the unit has a reliable protection against excessive current consumption, and this function have generally only stabilised blocks. Power supply without protection plug through the fuse is 0.5 A. If you intend to make the station not only on VHF but also on other ranges, do not use switching unit.
Look in the instructions for the radio or the Internet for the Pinout of its connector. Sometimes it is listed right on the Cabinet. Connect to radio power supply in accordance with the specified polarity. The standby power wire connect in parallel the positive. Remember that in some cases, disconnecting the power supply, the unit will lose the settings.
Connect to stereo speakers as much as she them, she calculated. The way they connect also find instructions on the Internet or on the housing. Speaker impedance should not be less than that calculated machine. Power them when using a power supply with current limitation to, say, 0.5 A, can be much smaller. With strong power supply, apply dynamics, calculated at full output power the radio.
Install the receiver minimum volume, then turn on the power supply and the unit itself. If the design unit does not provide for volume control without the inclusion of the first time you do this: first turn on the unit without the speakers, reduce the volume with the buttons to zero, then turn the power off, connect the speakers and plug back in.
Connect to receiver antenna. At home it may be just a piece of wire with a length of about two meters. If you intend to make the station not only on VHF, the antenna length can be increased by another few meters.
Set the radio to the desired radio station. Slightly increase the volume. Don't make it too big. Otherwise, the fuse it will burn out, and if the power supply has protection, then it will switch off or reduce the output voltage so that the backlight will flash and the amplifier to rattle. Don't forget at the end of using the radio to turn it off and the power supply. Happy listening!