Make sure that there is a new version for your audio system. For this you should visit the developer site, find the model of your radio and see available updates. Remember or write down the code from the last version. Make sure that you are on the official website of the manufacturer. The Internet is full of sites scams that tell you about the new software and send viruses along with false or deceive users into paying money. Remember that the firmware in 99% of cases free of charge!
Find the manual to your receiver, as a rule, on the start page, General svedenii provided installed at the moment, the version. If the manual is lost, try to find in settings radio button, or the partition information on the system, which typically write what is the installed version.
Knowing your version, remove the radio. The last head unit has a standard mini usb port, which connects the radio to the computer. If the model is older, possibly in the kit it was a special cable adapter.
Once the radio is connected to the computer, install new software, which appeared after connecting the folder to a computer. This process is not different from installing regular programs and will take very little time.
Contact the service center if your radio is too old to interact with her through the computer as you normally available to the average user ways. So as to buy other expensive equipment does not make sense, it's easier to give it to re-flash the professionals in the shortest time will do it for you.