Unnecessary recognition

Found in life a situation when a couple is living together in sin the utmost frankness in regard to each other. This is usually common in men, but modern women today have become to imitate them, without fear of the jealous partner. A retelling of erotic dreams and fantasies, admiration for famous actors and bodies of Hollywood stars can easily pull a man off balance.

Don't need to mention in his presence of their former husbands and lovers, emphasising their man relevance, particularly if your current men have problems with erections. Also never admit and do not flaunt their infidelity and participation in group sex, for example, at corporate parties, otherwise the reaction will be fast and can reach even domestic murder.
Too candid impressions better shared with a doctor-sexologist or therapist.

Taboo words and expressions: what can not speak

Regular offers just lie down together without sex quickly discourage them to do. A man is not likely to understand that you are tired and just decide that it is not interesting to you as a lover. He'll probably remember for a long time and will look for another partner.
If you really are tired, explain it specifically and clear.

Offer women the light on, especially repeatedly, may not like the man. Men love with their eyes and they like to look at naked partner.

Offer fend for himself and finish with a banal Masturbation when Nude partner is nearby, capable of cooling to you of almost any man.

Do not praise your partner and don't call him the best, because it will be perceived as compared to the previous, and certainly not like your partner.

If you don't want a man ejaculated in you, warn him to sexual intercourse, but not to the point of male orgasm and discharge.

Do not bother with the suggestions to talk to after reach, because the man relaxed and lethargic for a while and may not support your proposal.

Don't ask, went there already in you a man, because he certainly will think about the lack of size of his manhood and it will lead him, as his cock, in a deep state of depression and sexual impotence.

"Oh him, well done!" Be careful with such phrases and do not carry stories porn in real life. What you see on the screen for half an hour, sometimes lifted by the day. And the few who loves to obey commands.

"Is that all?" − this phrase can mentally kill any man, because he decides that he tried in vain for you.

Don't ask if he loves you, and whether you are together because it just knocks you off your rhythm, and do not exclude the desire to run away, taking an armful of things. Such conversations lead out of the bedroom.

If you shout during sex, and you can hear outside, try to do it in the pillow, otherwise the man could be awkward.