Learn to breathe correctly

To increase the volume of your voice can everyone. To do this, just keep breathing. It is a natural ability of man, which, as a rule, seldom who uses when speaking. To check your voice and also training for correct breathing, find a great indoor location and ask a friend to help you. Stand on opposite ends of the room. Check out how quiet and how loud can you speak? Try to go to a loud cry, and then make a sound similar to a squeak.

Making all these sounds, do not forget that they depend on proper breathing. Put your hand on your belly and ensure that every breath was carried out correctly, engage your diaphragm on the inhalation your abdomen should rise up, and the output to fall to its original position. Ask a friend to estimate the volume of your voice in the training process.
To imagine the sound in the room, switch roles. Ask a friend to do the same exercises.

Keep eye contact

When you communicate with someone one on one, you always look at his companion, even taking permanently look. This allows to estimate the distance to him and, if he hears what you say. It's a natural part of communication between two interlocutors. However, communicating with a group, some people are lost they look at the floor on the sides or somewhere into the distance. As a result, the volume of their voices does not fit the context.

Communicating with your audience, try to maintain contact with individual members behave as if talking to him. Adjust your actions depending on his reaction (how far it is from you, if he hears you, etc.). Then shift your gaze to another participant communication and talk to him. Shifting their attention to a particular person, you increase the volume of your voice in a natural way, since trying to convey my idea to him.
If you are uncomfortable communicating with unfamiliar people, ask your friends to listen to you, and then ask them if they heard you.

Get rid of nervousness

The reason is a quiet voice can be that you get lost or nervous in the company of a large number of people. In this case, even the ability to breathe correctly will not make your voice louder. First of all, make it a rule not to try to seek approval of his words from each group member. This should strive for, but not necessarily, your goal is to bring their idea to the group as a whole.

Stop thinking about what others might think about you or your words. Focus on your speech, tell yourself in advance that your words not everyone will agree. This will give you confidence and relieve nervousness. The volume of your voice will become natural and with proper respiration will be quite high.