There is a common misconception that perfect growl can be achieved, Smoking several packs a day and drinking plenty of alcohol. The opinion does not hold water when you consider that any injury of the ligaments, both false and true (including tobacco smoke and viral respiratory infections), is equivalent to the prohibition of voice.
Do not copy their idols. As no two of the same votes, so will not be the same Rykov. Attempt to adapt to someone can only hurt, because the vocal apparatus works in an unnatural mode for it to be experiencing excessive load. Search for your own voice, different from all the others.
Growl – this is not a Creek at low frequencies. Trying to achieve a roaring sound thus you only injure the ligament – they are not designed for this load, the more the growl does not depend on the vocal cords that you strain. Your task is to develop a false bond.
The larynx at the time of the growl needs to work as when you burp. Reproduce the same sensations as when spit-up, remember them. Then tighten your abdominal muscles, like lifting something heavy. Without the help of the main vocal chords, softly say the sound "and". Keep your larynx in the same condition as in the previous exercise, add to it the position of the yawn. The first time you fail, so repeat until you get results. Do not increase the volume. After the first good luck repeat the exercise on the vowel "u". Make sure that the throat was opened, the diaphragm actively pushed the air from his lungs, and the abdominal muscles support it. This position should be familiar to you if you were doing the Opera voice: requirements for the position of the vocal apparatus are the same, because it is the best and requires the least tension of the ligaments.