The voice training is very important proper breathing. Take any comfortable position for you and place one hand on the lower part of the chest and the other on your stomach. Breathe in through the nose, pushing the abdomen forward and expanding the lower part of the chest. Monitor extension arms. Freely exhale through your mouth, returning the belly and chest to its original position.
Short inhale through the nose and for 3 seconds, hold the air in your lungs. After this long and slowly exhale through the mouth.
Open your mouth and take short breaths. Smoothly and long exhale the air, uttering at the same vowel sound (Oh, and, uh, and, uh, etc.). Also, you can exhale, speak in turn, several long-drawn-out vowel sounds (aaaaaaaawww). Try to exhale as long as possible and smoothly to control the duration of exhalation score from 1 to 15.
Develop your voice and improve your articulation will help the recitation of Proverbs and sayings, trying to pronounce the whole phrase in one breath, not breathing in the middle of a sentence again. Performing exercises regularly, you will soon see significant changes in the timbre and quality of his own voice.
Also do vocal exercises before a mirror, breathe in and then exhale until all the air is alternately pronounce the vowel sounds: Eee, Eee, AAA, OOO, uuu.
Then with mouth closed on the exhale, begin to evenly pronounce the sound "mmm". Start saying "mmm" softly, then increase volume, and finally start to "Moo" as loud as you can.
Then say together the sound of "RRR" that improves articulation and gives the voice the power. Relax your tongue and start to "growl", touching the tip of the tongue to the upper palate. Pronounce words and sayings with a lot of sounds with "R" more clearly and loudly.
Stand and straighten your back. Exhale, then inhale and say out loud the sound "Eee" while rhythmically beating his chest with his fists. Then repeat the exercise with other vowel sounds. This exercise allows you to clear the respiratory system and to maintain the health of the voice.
You can use the exercise of Indian yogis for the development of a loud and strong voice. To do this, stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart and repeatedly inhale and exhale. Then, slightly tilting the body forward sharply and exhale with the sound "Ha", making the sound more loud.