The principal school of singing (pop, folk and academic) do not recommend eating an hour or two before singing. Moreover, adopted before the singing food should not be overly oily or sweet, scalding hot or ice cold. Fat and sugar remain in the ligaments in the form of mucus, and temperature excesses impair the elasticity of the ligaments. At the same time, it is recommended to drink a glass of warm milk with butter (or without it). Lactic acid for the waiting time will clean off with the voice ofovogo apparatus excessive mucus. After this is not the best.
Breathing exercises must precede the start of the singing, although in many cases this stage teachers are ignored. A system of breathing exercises, which became a Handbook for singers, actors and speakers, was developed by the singer and doctor Natalia Strelnikova. Exercises its complex are freely available on the Internet and sold in bookstores.
Singing exercises to strengthen voiceand picks up the teacher. General provisions are as follows: horse racing on broad intervals (quainty, octave) with elements of passandridae and flowing downward movement. It is recommended that on the upward movement of the bulging belly forward. Then at the bottom create pressure to which "leans" voice.