You will need
  • - The floor.
Put the spine in place. Ironically, the Foundation of the beautiful and pure voice is just a straight spine and beautiful posture. You've probably noticed people who slouch. They can't say anything intelligible because their lungs are clamped indirect bearing. So, get on the floor, place your feet shoulder-width hip joint and right full back. Keep your head straight and look ahead. Start slowly lower cervical vertebra down, i.e., gradually tilt the head. Then start delete the entire dorsal division, together with the hands. In the end position you have to kind of hang and the hands a bit to touch the floor. Further on in the same tempo return to the starting position.
Lower the Adam's Apple down. Once you feel the vertebrae and put them in their place, proceed to the next exercise. First find your Adam's Apple 2 fingers and take a few lingering yawn. During the execution of a single deep yawn hit on the Adam's Apple, that he was below the initial position. This is a very effective mechanism for clearing the voice.
Get rid of the wheezing. Place your hand just above the belly (diaphragm) and make a few intermittent laughs: "X-x-x-x-x-x". Feel how the diaphragm is reduced. Make 3-4 of the series 1 minute each. Laugh, so every morning and clean clear voice you provided!
Make the voice stronger. This will help us a healing belly breathing. Put your hand on your stomach and do a sharp breath for a minute. After you relax your stomach muscles and begin to speak any phrase on the exhale! This is a very effective technique clean voice and the development of a strong tone.
Do exercise "Vietnamese language". Stick 3-4 fingers in my fist in my mouth, and speak on the breath: "nga – NGO – nga – nge – nge". Complete this task within 2 minutes, no more! You will feel like changing your voice!