You will need
  • mirror;
  • - a collection of singsong;
  • tutorial solfeggio;
  • paper tape;
  • is a candle.
"Singing diaphragm" – the term is not quite correct, the definition of "singing with support" would be more accurate. Before you start singing, you need to feel this support. Stand in front of the mirror. Place your hand on the waist so that the hand felt the lower edge. Take a very deep breath so that swollen belly. Remember this feeling. Slowly exhale through your mouth. Take several more breaths. This is abdominal breathing. He characterized most men. As for women, they are quite common thoracic type of breathing, not move apart when the lower ribs and the upper. If you have a thoracic breathing, pay particular attention to this exercise.
Learn to perform a few exercises breathing exercises. For example, such. Stand up straight. Hands lower along the trunk. Take a quick, deep breath, expanding the lower ribs, and then slow exhale through the mouth, folding his lips. Repeat this exercise several times a day, trying to do a deeper breath and slowing the pace of the exhalation.
To help learn how to breathe through the diaphragm can simple device. For example, cut out of thin paper ribbon. Inhale. Bring the ribbon to her lips and slowly exhale, trying to keep the ribbon is deviated as far as possible.
Good effect usually gives and exercise with a candle. Put the lit candle on the table at a distance of 1 m away. Inhale, feel that the column of air rests on the diaphragm. Slowly exhale, trying to blow out the flame. Do the exercise a couple more times, pushing the candle a few inches.
Try to sing a descant. For example, four of the bottom step of any scheme. Inhale. Sing an ascending scale in one breath. Take a breath and sing the same scale down. Control yourself, his hand on the lower ribs. When you inhale the ribs should expand, when you exhale – slowly move.
Take a breath. Sing any sound. Pull it up until the lung is not over the air. So sing the whole range. You must constantly feel that the column of air rests on the diaphragm.
Try singing a familiar song. You can sing along to the beloved performer. Before the beginning of the first sentence take a breath, sing the phrase on the exhale. The sheet music for beginning vocalists, the place where you want to take a breath, there is "bird". Find exercises you can, for example, in the textbook solfeggio for the first class.