You will need
  • - the agenda;
  • - lawyer;
  • Protocol.
Speak calmly, without raising his voice. Then request that you be allowed to call relatives or friends. Inform them about their detention.
Don't testify without a lawyer ( article 48 part 1 of the Constitution). It may recommend to the investigator (Prosecutor, investigator), don't settle for that. He can act in the interests of investigating authorities. Ask relatives, friends to call independent counsel.
Don't testify against close relatives, yourself, a spouse. It gives you the right article 51 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.
Do not give false testimony, do not fantasize. The invention is easily refuted. As the investigative tactics encompasses a range of methods and techniques to obtain truthful testimony.
A critical attitude to the claims investigator. His main interest is solving the crime. The suspect's identity it is first of all a criminal during interrogation. You can mislead saying that in the next room is a witness. That as a result of his testimony you can become the Prime suspect, and in your best interest to speak first. Thus, they push you to admit something you did not commit, facilitating a job.
Read the transcript of the interrogation, and only then sign it. Any missed detail could subsequently turn against you. Refer to my carelessness should not - it will not help you.
If you have any comments to the Protocol, specify them in a box. If you refuse to sign, then be prepared to write a reason for your actions.