You will need
  • paper;
  • - handle.
If you are not satisfied with the actions of the investigator, write a letter of complaint should be sent to the Prosecutor's office, the head of the investigative body or the district court in which the preliminary investigation.
Please note that the complaint must contain: an indication of the authority or official to whom you send it; your full name and mailing address, signature and the date of application. Optionally, attach documents, and information about your case or their copies.
The complaint must specify all the information relating to your cases:- when you turned to the investigation Department;- under what article criminal case is brought;- how the decision of the investigator you do not agree, for whatever reason;- when did you find out about the adopted decision by the investigator;- the next state the request to recognize the illegal decision of the investigator on the basis of article 125 of the code.
Submit your complaint in person or by mail. If you decide to file a complaint in person, write it in two copies. Give one copy to the Prosecutor, and the second will ask you to sign to accept the complaint. If you send a complaint by mail – send it by registered letter or securities request notice to your address.
Wait for notification of court hearing considering that you filed the complaint within 3 days from the date of its filing. In exceptional cases the complaint may be considered later, but not later than 10 days from the date of submission.
The complaint investigator may be filed in court you (the applicant), your legal representative or lawyer.
Keep in mind that the consideration of your complaint should be held in open court. In this case, you, your representative and investigator, which of you was drafted the complaint, must be present. The court may admit the challenged actions of the investigator unlawful and to refuse satisfaction of the complaint.