You will need
  • - Federal law of the Russian Federation from December 28, 2010 N403-FZ "About Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation".
Determine the purpose of his appeal to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. It should be within the competence of this body. The investigative Committee, review applications and other cases that contain reports of crimes, complaints against actions and decisions of subordinate investigative units, as well as motions in criminal cases. If your appeal does not match the competence of the authority, it will be transmitted to other instances, but you will lose time.
Making an appeal, address it to a specific subdivision head of the Investigative Committee. For this specify in advance the surname, name and patronymic of officials and the name of his office. This will allow you to address your question to a specific destination without any waste of time. Documents produced to protect legitimate interests, are sent to the appropriate structural unit.
In his paper, briefly describe the factual circumstances that caused the treatment. Make the message concise and clear. Give only those details that are relevant to the subject, preferably in chronological order. References to specific legal rules which, in your opinion, were violated will also be relevant. In conclusion, treatment formulate his requirement, for example, to check a specific fact. The document must also contain your personal details and signature.
Send your appeal to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation or one of its departments in writing with a return receipt requested. You can explain the essence of the issue for personal reference, by presenting a document proving your identity. By direct addressing, consider the schedule of reception of citizens, approved by the head of the investigative body.
When writing to reception in RF IC will receive the appropriate direction, coordinating the time and place of the meeting. As a rule, reception of citizens is carried out at least once a week. Make sure that your reference was to the book.
Wait, when the decision on the question specified in circulation. As a rule, it is given calendar month. If you need an in-depth review period may be extended with the appropriate motivation. If the answer to zayavleniye you are not satisfied, you have the right to contact other authorities, including the Prosecutor's office or court.