You will need
  • computer;
  • paper;
  • -the documents confirming the transaction with the lawyer and confirm your words.
In consideration of the accept complaints from a representative of the lawyer, and persons who have applied for legal aid to the lawyer. The appeal shall be submitted in writing. You must specify the following:
- surname, name, patronymic of the applicant, home address, mobile or home phone;
- what has been the actions or omissions of the lawyer;
- surname, name, patronymic of the lawyer and his whereabouts;
- the name of the bar chamber in which the complaint is made;
- list of attached documents;
- circumstances on which the complaint is made.
Write a complaint briefly and without emotion. Your personal experiences and attitude to the current situation, no one cares. Present only the bare facts. The most important points to highlight in bold or italics. Staff that every day a hundred times studying the documentation used to read through the line. Key phrases selection has a positive effect on the perception of information. Specifically describe the situation. For example, a lawyer took money but didn't do anything. This type of complaint is not clear. What exactly had to do the lawyer, what money did he take? If you do not have sufficient facts, the complaint is rejected.
The complaint can be sent by mail, which does not guarantee a quick delivery letter. Besides, it can get lost among other correspondence. It is safer to refer the complaint yourself to the admissions or the office of the appropriate authority. You will save your time and it will fall into consideration.