The safest and easiest way to get to Volodarsky is to take the train long distance. But direct communication between Moscow and poselok Volodarskiy no. So you'll have to go with change. The trip starts by train "Moscow — Kharkov, Moscow — Belgorod, Moscow — Simferopol" or "Moscow — Kursk" and to go in all cases, it is necessary at the station "the eagle". From the train station you can take bus No. 6 and get off at the stop "Poselok Volodarskiy". The total journey time is 5 hours and 40 minutes.
You can also get to Volodarsky on the bus. To do so, either from the bus station "Krasnogvardeyskaya" or Shchelkovo bus station take the bus "Moscow — Orel" or "Moscow — Sudzha". Stopping will be called "eagle. The route" and journey time in both cases is 6 hours and 50 minutes excluding stops.
In order to reach Volodarsky by car, you can use two ways. According to the first variant, it is necessary to taxi on the road M2 and go through Serpukhov, Tula and Orel. After the eagle, turn right at sign and over three kilometres will be the settlement Volodarsky. Travel time takes 6 hours and 30 minutes. But only under the condition that there will be serious congestion on the roads.
As for the second option to travel to Volodarsky on the vehicle, in this case, you must leave the track M3 and move through Naro-fomisk, Obninsk and Kaluga. But before the Bryansk turn left and straight, will not turning, drive to the village of Volodarka.
There is a third option automobile travel to Volodarsky. For this we need to go on the highway And 130 in the Kaluga region. And after the town of Yaroslavl to turn left at the Bryansk and on a straight road to reach the outskirts of the village of Volodarka. The advantage of this road is the absence of large and unexpected traffic congestion.