You will need
  • the statement in law enforcement bodies, the base of subscribers of cellular communication, Internet access
MTS is one of the operators that have more than 10 years provide their services for the cellular market. If you are interested in the unknown number registered in this company, its employees are unlikely to provide information about him. These data are confidential and disclosed only in response to a request from law enforcement agencies.
Ironically, at the same time, the mobile operator allows for the possibility of providing open data about its subscribers. Go to the website nomer.EN"> Read carefully the provided information and then click on "Handbook". In the opened window fill in the appropriate fields (paid service, the payment is made by debiting your mobile phone account). As soon as you fill them, click the link "get information". Next, a window will open with the instruction of sending a paid sms. In reply sms you will be sent a password to enter the online reference number. Complete the relevant boxes on the website, and the name of the person that registered the number of MTS, will be known to you.
Legislation of the Russian Federation is not prohibited the use of databases of telephone subscribers. Look for this information on the Internet, or buy the disc on the radio market. Typically, such guides provides information three years ago. Therefore, be sure that here you surely can find the information you need, still not worth it.
If you need to find out who is calling you, can go on a little trick. Call this number and identify yourself as a member of the company call-center operators. In a personal conversation try to find out the name of your interlocutor. Most likely, the caller will tell you their data.
You can also act directly. Just type you are interested in the room, introduce yourself, explain your issue and ask him directly "in a forehead". Rest assured, if your argument work, you will not refuse.