You will need
  • Mobile phone number MTS, Internet access, registration on social networks.
In search engines Google, Yandex or Rambler enter the desired number in the search bar. Examine references found, review the information on the advertisement data by the subscriber, the mention of this room. E. Pay attention to the message boards. There you can find information about the kind of activities the person you are looking for.
How to break <strong></strong> MTS
Already known information use search engines phrases. Explore the links received. Information accumulate in a separate file, generalize.
How to break <strong></strong> MTS
The information summarized in a certain system, try to query the web via search settings, filters. Found again, copy and combine with what you already know.
How to break <strong></strong> MTS
Social networks such as "Vkontakte", "Moy Mir, Odnoklassniki, LiveJournal, Facebook, Twitter use found information. Using them to track down a man matching certain parameters. Determine interests and Dating someone you need to find. Try to learn the name. And finally, review the user's photo.