Advice 1: At what age a girl can start having sex

In many countries, sexual relations with persons under 16 years of age from criminal liability. But all this – the letter of the law. In fact, it may turn out quite differently.
Age limits for the onset of sexual activity among girls blurred.

At what age girl can have sex

Today any definitive answer to this question is simply no! The doctors are unable to identify a clear age limit achievement of girls of Mature age. For some girls it is 14 years, other – 17 or 18. In addition, much depends not only they reach a particular age, but from the presence of their partner.

Today statistics generally shows a huge difference in age for onset of sexual activity. This will sound shocking, but a few years ago, many girls started to have sex from 16 to 18 years, and now often the first sexual relationships occur during the period from 12 to 14 years! These data lead to the horror of doctors. The fact that abortion at such a tender age, women are categorically unacceptable for girls. In addition, there is a risk of psychological trauma and sexually transmitted diseases.

Psychological and physical maturity girls

Any girl should know that she is ready to the first sex should be a result of psychological and physical maturity. In other words, before thinking about at what age should do first sex should definitely understand and be aware that the first sexual relationship is not just sexual intercourse, pursuing the goal of physical satisfaction. First sex should be an expression of love and Platonic feelings, combined with the Mature age.

The first menstruation in girls, according to average, between the ages of 12 to 14 years. This is the evidence of the training of an organism to sexual maturity, but not yet the sexual maturity! Mainly to the reproductive function and the menstrual cycle came to full "combat readiness", the girl will have to live without sex for another 1-2 years after the first menstruation.

However, we should mention: not always on reaching the age of sexual maturity should rush to bed early relations. The fact that the psychological maturity of girls may like to get ahead of physical maturity and, in a considerable degree to keep up with her. If, for example, 17-year-old girl is not ready for sex mentally, not think about anything! It's too soon to do it. Or another example: if an 11-year-old girl feels pretty powerful emotional sympathy for the boy she's in love with him, it does not mean that her body is ready for physical intimacy with him.

Basically, the psychological maturity of girls comes closer to 17-18 years. That is why the current legislation of the Russian Federation approve of marriage at this age. Briefly summarize all of the above, we can safely conclude that sex before 16 years of age in most cases can bring much more problems than fun. ... Although Today, as always, both girls and boys are responsible for making the decision at what age to start your sexual experience.

Advice 2 : Up to what age you can have sex

A Internet forum open threads about the issue, to how many years a man and a woman can and should have sex. If you take into account the opinion of many Western and Russian scholars on this, develop certain proven facts.
Up to what age you can have sex
Age to sex not a hindrance! Put aside the stereotypes that exist to prevent full sexual life of 50-60 years and more and enjoy the process. So says a British psychologist Marty Klein, who conducted their large-scale study on this topic for 30 years.
You should not interfere with such inhibitory active sex life as complexes about the imperfections of their body, no intimate life at this age your parents have transferred a serious illness.
Before to refuse sex in your life, consult the official medicine to this account. If the doctor will give you a limit (for example, due to heart disease) sexual relationship, is to listen to him, however, to completely give up on intimacy in my life not necessarily.
To love life lived in your relationship for many years, make the diversity in it. Known for years the axiom of sexologists – routine destroys sex and relationships. Because the need to revive the relationship by three known methods. This pair will help of sexual toys, erotic games in an unfamiliar place, intimate role playing.
Visit family psychologist, sex therapist, if your sex life is after 50 years is failing. Specialist will suggest the right way out of the situation, will help to establish a close relationship in the pair.
The opening of the American scientists has shown that among older couples in the age of 70-80 years continue to have a sexual relationship 40% of men and 20% women. And of these, 70% of men and 50% of women believe that the quality of their sex at this age is quite high.
Useful advice
To sex was maintained in a life partner as long as possible, scientists recommended in the elderly to plan sex at least once a week on a certain day, while the daily need to care about each other.
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