First sex for the fairer sex

To avoid the embarrassment during first sex, prepare thoroughly for it. You should not forget about the intimate hygiene. Best to do hair removal by visiting a special salon or doing it yourself. Select nice and clean underwear and wait for the meeting with his beloved man. Do not forget about the protection. You may prefer a condom or start taking birth control pills. However, the second option is suitable only if you are sure that your sexual partner is healthy, and the adoption of tablets should not be carried out on the same day when you have to lose their virginity. If you prepare in advance for this event, visit the gynecologist and ask him anything you advised.

When she first goes to bed with her boyfriend, she is very worried, torturing herself with the question about whether it hurts. In fact, it is impossible to specifically answer this question, as girls of different organisms, and therefore the sensation during the first sexual intercourse differ greatly. Someone may not feel pain, and someone will have to endure the discomfort. So as not to embarrass myself in front of a boy, prepare yourself mentally to that orgasm you are unlikely to reach. Do not wait for sex something incredible. Pleasure will come only with time.

First sex for men

For a guy first sex is no less significant event, than for girls, and therefore preparations must also be appropriate. The first thing you have to do is to prepare mentally, and sexual partner it is better to choose responsibly. It would be better if your first sexual act is committed with the girl you will love, because feelings are a soothing way.

If the girl is also a virgin, you need to buy a special grease, it will help you. About the condom, too, should not be forgotten.

The most terrible shame that scares boys, is that an erection or an orgasm come too quickly. This can be avoided only if you'll be mentally ready for such an event. It would be better if you pre-warn your partner that you have sex for the first time, therefore nothing magical has happened. Also take care about personal hygiene.