The right attitude is the guarantee of good first sex with a new partner. To create the necessary atmosphere, arrange an easy candlelight dinner at home or restaurant. Order dishes with seafood - high in protein, so necessary for the male body during sex. Drink a little wine. Champagne can swell the stomach, and during the first lovemaking physical fitness is very important for self-assessment.
Upon returning home from the restaurant or after dinner go to the bedroom. Do not just rush into bed. Sit, discuss your relationship, talk to each other compliments. If shyness does not go away - drink more wine. The first night it is valid, so partners will be more relaxed.
Do not hesitate of his own body. First, in the dark (and preferably, if the first sex will take place in dim light) is still not very well seen. Secondly, the man during sex too busy bringing you pleasure, to look at the cellulite on the sides. So relax and try not to think about anything except her beloved.
Do not hesitate to say that you are uncomfortable, painful, etc. the Partner has not yet examined your body, it needs hints. But if you're going to pretend that all is well, he will continue in the same spirit.
Take the initiative. This is the first sex with a new partner, not the deprivation of virginity. Deliver a man pleasure. Good sex - guarantee a harmonious relationship. A woman who strive to make partner enjoyable in bed, afraid to lose.
After sex don't run away from home. Lie close, cuddle partner. Tell me how you were good and that you'd like to repeat. Agree about a new meeting, discuss joint plans. After making love men are willing to exploits, so make the most incredible desires. If you behave correctly, the first sex will never be the last, and will serve as the beginning of a long beautiful romance.