First and foremost, a woman should decide for herself when for the first time to engage in sexual relations with a partner. No pressure on his part to attend must not, otherwise, you should think about what this man wants from this relationship and how it is important for the readiness of the female to intimacy with him. As for the question "when?" it is all very individual – with a strong desire to agree to have sex after the first date, however, recognized at least three meetings are considered.

It is not recommended to blindly follow the advice of popular magazines, persistently recommending to show the man the "upper class" and thus forever bind him to her. Men often after a night of love with a woman who applied to him the entire Arsenal of the love techniques described in glossy magazines, you begin to wonder where the favourite managed to gain such a rich experience. Enough to start to limit the tenderness, sincerity and genuine passion to the partner.

In addition, despite the undoubted importance of the moment, the woman shouldn't be treated to the first sex with a new partner as something solemn and supernaturally significant. Excessive anxiety and severity can play with it a cruel joke – instead of enjoying and knowing each other it is possible to tightness, stiffness and inability to relax. The most important condition under which entry into an intimate relationship goes like clockwork is the unconditional trust of the partner corresponding to the moment the atmosphere and, of course, the presence of sexual desires in both parties.