First of all you need to know who is the supplier of water. In Moscow, for example, hot water supplies, OAO "MOEK" and is responsible for the cold district water utility.
Finding that water quality has deteriorated, you must report this to the emergency service TSZH, ZHSK or DEATH. And this can be done both in writing and orally. You need to call full name, address of the premises where a problem has been detected and to indicate the kind of problem. The Manager must also give their name and number assigned to the incoming message and time the message was logged. If you can't immediately tell what's wrong with the water, be sure the inspection date.
You can order a water analysis of SES. This procedure is free. If the water is unfit for drinking, the charges for this service removed from the accounts of utilities. However, as practice shows, SES running tests for quite some time, this process may be delayed. In this case we need to contact the emergency dispatch service of DEATH, or ZHSK, TSZH and to insist on checking the condition of the pipes in the house. Unfortunately, this process also takes a lot of time.
Users or owners can directly contact the water supplier if known. The address and telephone number of any management company easy to find online.
If within two weeks no action to eliminate the problem has not been undertaken, you can contact a local regular edition. The noise in the press quite often accelerates the process of solving the problem.