You will need
  • Paper, pen, maybe a mailing envelope
First you need to figure out where you need to complain to get the desired result. Of course, you can call the newspaper or on television, reporting that in your yard do not take out the garbage on time. However, in this case, the result is no guarantee you. But if you go with the statement to the Prosecutor, then the probability of garbage collection by the utilities will increase dramatically.
Choosing the recipient of your complaint to the housing office, keep in mind that all complaints must be submitted in writing. Also it would be better if you complain to the housing office, not avoiding every possible instance.
Following the chain of command, you need to start with a complaint to the housing officeserving you.Further, if the utilities fail to take action, you can write a complaint to the regional office of Rospotrebnadzor. You can then Lodge a complaint with the State housing inspection of the Russian Federation. The prosecution and the court will be the last instances that may force the utilities to perform their duties.
The complaint to the housing office made in duplicate: the original is sent to the housing officeand an endorsed copy will remain in the hands of appellant.
The complaint to the housing office should properly be issued, shall be in writing and registered with the host organization. If you serve communal refuse to accept your complaint in writing, the complaint to the housing office can be sent by registered mail.
Of course, the design of the complaint or claim has a free form. However, it is better to follow the basic rules of writing official documents. The upper-right corner reserved for details of the organisation receiving the complaint and the names of its head. It also indicates the name of the appellant and the address of his residence.
Then, below and the middle of the page is written the title of the document ("Complaint" or "Claim"). Still below the red line, you need to explain the essence of the complaint itself. Be sure to note that you are a consumer of services of the housing officeand pay them in good faith. Then it is possible to note that the services provided do not meet the standards, citing examples of this.
You can also add that this fact violates the rights of the consumer and of article 27-31 of the Law "On protection of consumer rights". Then submit your requirements to eliminate the reasons for complaints in the housing Department. Ask to eliminate these disadvantages and to recalculate for the lost services, informing you of this in writing within the prescribed statutory period.
If the housing office ignores complaints (with a copy of the endorsed complaint or claim, with receipts sent to the housing office registered letters by mail), you can contact the CPS and the State housing inspection. You may need to contact the court or Prosecutor's office. So carefully saved all the receipts on sending of complaints, as well as copies of endorsed claims and complaints.