Pipelines of heating systems and hot water annually experiencing increased pressure that exceeds operating pressure by 25%. During these tests, water consumers on the time off, because of security reasons so that no one would be hurt if suddenly the burst pipe. However, preventive work, usually told in advance, pasting on Bulletin boards near the entrances and/or inside their ads on when and how to shut off the water. If the water was turned off suddenly without any alert, then you have to know the reasons for yourself.
To call in case of disconnection of hot water need in TSZH or a Management company which serves your house. If you have a HOA to know the number to call, the Chairman of the partnership. This is usually one of the tenants, which all know well. UK contact numbers listed on the receipts for payment. Phone numbers emergency dispatch service you can read on information boards placed at the entrances and sometimes in the hallways. Or you can contact directly to the organization that serves your home, and find out the phones there.
When applying to UK or TSZH phone must inform the dispatcher your name, exact address (street, house, apartment), and the reason for treatment. The Manager, in turn, have to accept the message and register it by setting the incoming number. Also, the Manager is obliged to inform you your name, registration number of the appeal, and the time of its adoption.
The dispatcher will tell you the reasons of disconnection of hot water, if those known to him. Otherwise, the Manager will notify you that the reasons are established. If TSZH or UK you did not give the necessary information about the reasons of disconnection of hot water, you can call the water supply company.