Select the correct address for complaints about housing. Turning to the Prosecutor, the likelihood that a problem that concerns will be resolved and the perpetrators punished, will be 80% than if it's just to attract the media.
Write the complaint in two copies. Writing should be brief and without any factual errors. A particular stencil no complaints, but there is a certain order of execution. In the upper right corner, write the details of the organization and preferably the initials of the head, followed by initials and address of the Complainant. In the center write the title of the document, the complaint or claim. Next, describe the specific essence of the problem, be sure to include your requirements. Preferably rely on existing laws and normative-legal acts.
The first instance of leave, the second sent by registered letter with notification by mail. Or if you have free time - personally register your appeal to the management company. And your copy needs to stand: inbound date and case number, the headquarters of the organization, initials and position of the person who accepted your appeal.