The causes of rusty water in the pipeline can be several. One of them is a natural reaction of ferrous compounds when lifting water from wells upward. Underground connection, having in its composition of iron and included in the produced water do not come into contact with oxygen. When you exit this "iron" water up a chemical reaction of oxidation in which water is "rusty". The second reason for the appearance of rusty water old metal pipes and other plumbing items. Harm rusty water can not be held, although over time can deteriorate tooth enamel and may upset the digestive system. It should be remembered that the delivery of high-quality drinking water is a paid utility service, so rusty liquid from the tap is the direct reason for treatment in the emergency dispatcher service (Government Decision No. 307).

How and where to apply

Emergency dispatching service to inform about the rusty water in the house can be by phone or in writing. The Manager must accept the application and fix it. For confirmation you will be notified of the registration number, time of call (appeal). It so happens that the area is under renovation and so the crane rusty water. In this case, the Manager is obliged to inform you about the causes of poor quality of water and report the approximate date of completion.

A more effective form of address – a certified letter with the notice. In this case, save the receipt, it will serve as proof of your treatment in the service. The response time of resource providers – 2 working days. Not after this time you must be the representative of the organization, to ensure that you have rusty water and to make the appropriate act.

If no one came

In this case, you will need to draw up a statement in the presence of a couple of residents, representative of the management company. In the compiled document should be a mark about absence of the representative from the supplier and the organization. Drawn up in the form of claims directed to the Commission on the allocations of payments for the inadequate quality. However, the most effective way (but he paid) – the water extraction experts. Based on the results of examination act – legal basis for recalculation of payments, or the payment of compensation. In this case, the CPS will be forced to eliminate the cause of rusty water management company or the supplier and the organization.