There's always a way. Now with all utilities at home, if not created housing Association, manages the Management company. It is also responsible for the supply of electricity, and for lighting the entrance and the adjacent territory, and for garbage collection, and water supply. It is obliged to conclude contracts with suppliers, monitor their implementation and to monitor the payment of utility services by consumers living in an apartment building. Thus, it is responsible for poor performance of their duties. Try to identify to whom to complain of the dishonesty of the management company and where to wait the help. Write the demand in a management company. If they are not met, act on.
With the culprit identified. Now you need to write a complaint to your management company. Addresses may be several.
The complaint must be write only (!) in writing. Then it will be more likely that action will be taken. The complaint must be written in two copies. To take it also better in person. On the second copy which will remain with you, and will put a note on registration of the complaint. If you can't leave a complaint in person, send her a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.
In the header of the complaint, provide the full name of the organization where you are applying, your name, address and telephone number to contact you.
Stepping back, write and center the word "Complaint".
The complaint may be written in any form. It is desirable that its volume does not exceed 2 pages. Put all of your claims, point to the fact of ignoring the requirements of the management company, attach photos, politely ask them to take measures to eliminate shortcomings in the work of the management company.
Do not forget to put the date and signature.
Refer to the laws and regulations. This will show your best side, and officials will quickly respond to your appeal.
You first need to contact the Housing office at the city or region. For example, on the official website of the State housing inspection of Moscow says that it is "a structure designed to carry out state control of compliance by the owners of the housing stock, the administering and operating agencies regulatory requirements, ensure the safety of residential buildings, and to protect the rights and legitimate interests of citizens and the state in the provision of housing and communal services". That is, the Housing inspection is designed to control the operating companies. Housing inspection at your request will conduct the review of activities of the management company and make a decision. Usually management companies are not at risk of contact with the Housing inspection and carry out its instructions.

By results of check the management company imposed a requirement that the Troubleshooting and given her time (about a month).

Many regional Housing inspection, there are sites where there are online service of citizens. It saves time. But it is better to have on hand a copy of the complaint with a note of registration.
The second instance where you can turn to is the Federal service for supervision of consumer rights protection and human well-being, better known to us as the CPS. On the website of Rospotrebnadzor also there is a form online citizens. A complaint to the CPS can (and should!) submit in writing.
If all else fails, contact the Prosecutor's office. To argue with her management company just will not be solved.