You will need
  • - Tap water;
  • Soft drinking water;
  • - Black tea;
  • Plastic bottle;
  • Mirror;
  • - Potassium permanganate;
  • Soap.
Buy at the pharmacy bottle of soft purified water with a small amount of minerals. Brew of it and tap water a strong tea in two different circles. Compare the look of bubbles on the surface of the tea. The greater the difference, the less high-quality water comes from the tap.
Another way to test water quality with the help of welding. Strong freshly brewed black tea dilute with water from the tap. If the liquid is purchased the peach color and looks transparent, the tap water is excellent quality. If the diluted tea dimmed, expose the water before drinking and cooking pre-treatment.
In a plastic bottle type water from the tap and place in a dark place. View water on the light after 2 days. If the liquid has acquired a greenish hue on the water surface can be seen an oily film on the walls of the bottle formed plaque, to consume this water is strictly forbidden!
To test the quality of water using mirrors. A reflective surface, apply a drop of water from the tap and wait until it is completely dry. If the mirror was clean, the water quality is not questioned. If the mirror is left a muddy stain in the liquid impurities are present. It is possible that the water is too high stiffness.
Dissolve a few crystals of potassium permanganate in water to obtain a light pink color. If the solution will quickly become yellow, the quality of tap water is low. If the pink tint lasts a long time – tap flows clean water.
Laundry soap grate small shavings and pour hot water. If the water is soft, soap will dissolve completely if the fluid level exceeded the content of minerals on the surface of the water forming the insoluble film. In water with very high concentration of minerals will float the soap flakes. Such water should definitely be filtered and boiled before use.