Know your strengths

In order to understand where to start learning the art of web design, identify your strengths. It will become the main tip, as it will help to focus on what really makes you different from others, saving that it is better to leave to others. Insufficient ability to work in a graphics editor, you need to be fluent in multiple software applications and have basic knowledge in order to be able to quickly learn how to use new tools, if necessary. Remember that your customers need is what you are doing is really for the best professional level.

What to learn

See the amount of knowledge needed, but it is important to determine the sequence of learning the skills of the profession. Start with learning the basics of HTML and CSS. These languages are taught in modern schools. But if you graduated prior to that time, you will have to learn them yourself. Available are a large number of video courses, textbooks and tutorials. Typically, the development of basic programming skills in HTML takes about a month, with daily 2-hour sessions.

To learn how to work with colors more difficult. Innate abilities (if any) will be a solid help. However, the layout of pages, taking into account the harmonization of colors is a skill that comes with time. In studying the art of the treatment of color can help you specialized edition dedicated to the colors. You should note that, often, these books teach painting, but not to build the layout of a web page. Therefore, choosing literature, make a choice in favor of the publications most useful for learning web design. It can be books devoted to specific sections of printing or print advertising, for example. In recent times, there are publications focused on web design as a branch of graphic design. In the study of computer editing software image will help numerous and widely available on the Internet video tutorials.


In the process of acquisition of basic knowledge do not lose sight of new technology. Technology web design and the world wide web, never standing still. Their boundaries are constantly moving forward, so changing the standards, and you need to go with them. Therefore, continuous training is part of the job of a web designer. Thus, you will be able to solve specific problems appearing in the course of work.

Pick up a list of links to industry sites or forums that discuss issues of CSS, JavaScript, etc. and attend them weekly. Over time, you will feel his profession and will be able to understand exactly what web design you most. This point will be the transition from the initial learning phase to the specialization phase.