You will need
  • - high school diploma – original and two copies;
  • - passport – original and two three copies;
  • - results of unified state examination on mathematics, Russian language and literature;
  • - medical certificate;
  • creative work in drawing, drawing, drawing;
  • photography.
Think carefully about the choice of institution where you will study. Despite the fact that programs of specialized construction schools and faculty of architecture mostly similar, you need to know in advance about the features of the program, the presence of teachers practicing architects.
To enroll in the faculty of architecture, must pass more examinations than in other schools. You will need the results of the exam in mathematics, Russian language and literature. And you also need to pass the relevant examinations in drawing, composition and drawing. Find out in advance the peculiarities of the entrance examinations at the selected University.
To prepare for the relevant exams yourself after high school - a difficult task. Tutoring is a great option for good preparation. Choose as a tutor a teacher training institution where you plan to do. Knowing the requirements, it will help you the best way to prepare for exams and show their best side. Training in the creative competition should start in a year and a half before the entrance exams. During this time, a competent teacher will be able to make a correct drawing techniques, graphics and drawing.
For developing style and understanding of the figure in the period of exam preparation you should also self-education. Attend seminars, exhibitions of drawings, compositions; participate in creative competitions.
If you are a graduate of high school, enroll in preparatory courses of the faculty of architecture. There you can obtain expert assistance in preparation for entrance examinations in the chosen Institute. This will increase the chances of admission to the faculty will help you to get acquainted with future teachers and to establish themselves in the choice of profession of the architect.