The profession of a designer

The profession of graphic designer is quite diverse. Creative people are working with designers in different areas: interior, clothing, landscape, web graphics. In order to become an expert in the design field, many people begin to study a creative discipline. The view that designers deal only with the original notion of objects and their drawing is wrong. In fact, the responsibility of the designer is also to communicate with people, documentation. The necessary qualities of a designer are patience and perseverance.

What does the designer?

Artistic and practical activity of a designer finds a wide variety. In the field of design there are always new directions. Knowledge about what items should take a designer, help us to assess abilities and skills in this profession. Responsibilities of a specialist depends on the specific type of activity. Spectrum of areas in the field of design is wide enough: restoration, production of artistic and industrial products, the creation of models and their verification, communication with advertising services. Innovators of for doing sketches on paper or in computer programs.

The task of the designer is to create a new project, which will satisfy the customer. The idea must fully comply with specified requirements. There are specialized courses for designers. That's where people find out what skills must be present from the future designer, what items need to pass for admission to design school.

Entrance test for design faculty

When applying for designer in school you need to pass some items. In addition to the General exam, students take two further creative testing. They are called drawing and composition. During the exam, drawing in the audience exhibited a plaster bust or other object. Students are encouraged to portray it on paper. Everyone here works independently. The evaluation of such figures is often not very strictly. Students for admission to the design faculty do not have to have a document of additional art education. The main thing in this test is to portray the subject correctly and recognizably.

The composition is unusual creative exam. In his time of need or to be issued the items in some semblance of the object or paper to connect geometric shapes in three-dimensional design. Students should come up with a name for each track and drawing from several perspectives. Next, the resulting points on creative examination formed the results of the exam on the Russian language, literature and history.