Depending on what kind of designer you need, see the specialized publications. An ideal variant - at first to see the design, for example, the design of the kitchen away from your friends, and then hire the person whose work you like. So keep an eye to the registration of country plots (if you need a landscape designer), layout of Newspapers and magazines (if you are looking for printers), and so on, everywhere they are. When you find favorite one, you will only need to know the name of the person who did a particular design project.
Another way to see the "good person" - look for designer on the Internet. As a rule, virtually all design firms and many independent experts create their own websites today where you can see sample works and immediately agree on the terms (approximate terms, prices, style of work). If you are on a budget, and services of professionals you can't afford it, try to look for designer on freelancing sites. Often there to offer their services to students and beginners who need to practice and ready to meet you in the discussion of the financial side of things.
If you are looking for a designer through newspaper ads, be sure to ask for his portfolio when they first met. Any self-respecting profession must have a set of high quality photos of their work, or at least projects. Talk with the candidate in your designers personally: outline what you want, listen to his proposals. A professional will never be peremptorily insist on, even if the idea of the customer he didn't like, and try to find a reasonable compromise. Be sure to ask the designer about the timing of the work and payment in advance, even before he takes over.