The reasons for the name change

Valid reasons for changing the names of the citizen of Russia are:
- marriage (the most popular case);
- divorce and change of name, pre-marital;
- the unpronounceable last name (especially for people coming from other countries);
- dissonant surname (sometimes people get tired of wearing the name Kozyulin, Kakaev or Traicin, it is often associated with bad memories from childhood);
- a desire to take the surname of his stepfather or stepmother, whom (which) the man was in fact raised;
- the death of a spouse and the adoption of a premarital surname, etc.
The whole process of change as first name and patronymic, and the surname is subject to the family code. If the name change is not related to marriage, the procedure may be delayed.

In fact, of the reasons for changing the names of a great many, and almost all of them can be considered good. However, the procedure for the change of name requires some serious paperwork.

The nuances of the name change

To change the names of the child, under the age of fourteen requires the application of the parents and permission of the child (for children older than ten years).
The statement should attach the receipt of payment of the state fee, birth certificate, marriage or divorce.

Minor citizen, under the age of fourteen, you can change the name with the consent of parents or guardians. If they can't attend in person, the application shall be accompanied by an explanatory note signed and sealed at the place of work or residence.

It all begins with a standard trip to the registry office where the application was submitted on the 15th form. The application shall contain all personal data and reasons for the change of name.
On the basis of issued certificate for change of name should apply for a replacement passport at the FMS within one calendar month.

The application shall be considered within one month, after which the authorities, in writing, notify the citizen about the positive or negative decision. In case of failure of all the submitted documents are returned and communicated the grounds for refusal and given information about appealing the decision.

So if your name suddenly ceased to like you, you have the right to exchange it for another, but it requires patience and Luggage good reasons.