Submit to the authority of the Registrar application for change of name. If you want to get the name of stepmother or stepfather, the name of the spouse, with whom many years are married, or shortly after the divorce, to regain their premarital surname, the difficulties will not arise. In the statement, specify the reason for its decision and attach a document that confirms that the name was not chosen randomly. This document could be a marriage certificate if you change your surname to the surname of a spouse, or divorce if you left the name of former husband (wife). However, if you want to change the personal data because of their dissonant, incompatible or for some other reason, no documents except your birth certificate, is not necessary, just indicate the reason for the name change in a statement.
Pay the state duty and attach the proof of receipt to the statement. The decision to fulfill your request shall be made within two months. Although in practice the certificate on assignment of new names is usually issued before.
If the Registrar you are not allowed to exercise your constitutional rights for a change of name, you may appeal the decision in court. To do this get in the registry office, the document in writing the reason for failure.
Contact the passport office at the place of residence. Complete the application, attach 4 photos, receipt of payment of registration fee, certificate of marriage or of assigning new names and old passport. Within one month your passport with your new name will be ready.