If you do not want someone saw this or that person in your list of Facebook friends, you can easily hide it. This is done as follows. Log on to the Internet and download a any search engine. In the search bar enter the website address or the name of "Vkontakte". When you go to this website, enter your username and password specifically for this line.
You'll see the main page of your account. In the center of the page will be located to your avatar, to the right of your personal information, under her wall with various records. The left of the photo you will see a menu, which contains sections: "My page", "My friends", "My pictures, My videos, My music", "My message", "My groups", "My answers", "My settings". Press the left mouse button on the "My settings".
Now, before you open the window, which is located at the top of the tab "General", "Privacy", "Warning", "blacklist", "Mobile services", "Balance". To hide someone from your friends, click on the tab "Privacy". In this section you can change the access to various information from your page. You have the option to hide the list of gifts you received, a list of audio and videos, list of photos, which you said other user.
In addition, in this section there is a record "Who can be seen in the list of my friends and subscriptions". Next to the entry says "All friends". Clicking on this label you will see a window in which to display the names of all your friends. Find in this list the person you want to hide, click on his name and it will automatically put in the list of hidden friends. At the bottom is a button "Save changes". Press the left mouse button on this label and all the friends you selected will be hidden.