In the web you can find many different programs to work with "Vkontakte". VkLife — one of these programs. Remarkable it function Offline through which you can go to the site, undetected. Download and install the program in the amount not take more than five minutes.Download it on the official website of the program Be careful! Don't download from unauthorized resources, or your account may be in the hands of criminals who exploited your lack of knowledge.
If downloading isn't your method, there is another solution. The fact that the online status is assigned to a user coming to the page profile.php, that is on my page or any other page. But if the user will not come on profile.php, then the status will be offline. How do you do it? Just click on direct link: or click "My page".
In this mode you will have access to all basic functions of "Vkontakte", except for one — you will not be able to view your page and the pages of other users. That is, you can view the news, listen to audio, read incoming private messages, but in any case, do not click on the link "My page" and in any case do not go to the pages of other users, otherwise, your status will change again to unwanted online.
There is a way for users of the Firefox browser. Type in the address bar about:config — this function invokes the browser settings. Enter network.http.redirection-limit in the Filter box. Change the value to "0". Open a new tab and "login" on the website, and if you did everything correctly, you should see the error message. Go to any page of "Vkontakte", for example, "My news". Go back to the tab with the settings. Return the value of the network parameter.http.redirection-limit, which was before the changes. Your status will be offline.