You will need
  • check on the website Vkontakte;
  • - access to the Internet.
Go to your personal page in Vkontakte. Then the right side of the screen, find the words "My settings". Click on this link and navigate to settings. The table in the menu list, find the second paragraph "Privacy". Open it and select the subsection for each category of users, who can view your posts and photos, and leave them your comments.
In particular, this online resource offers its customers several options for which a privacy setting. So, you can define users who can see basic information on your page, photos you're tagged in, videos with you. In addition, you can elect those who can see the list of your groups, audio recordings and gifts card with your photos, your hidden friends list of friends and subscriptions. Under "Records per page", select settings for the following categories: who sees other people's entries on your page, who can post on the page who can see comments and who can comment on your entries.
The following settings section "contact me" dedicated to those users who can fellowship with you in the social network. Here select and mark the points that determine who can write personal messages to you, someone to video calling, and who to invite in the community and applications. Also, indicate those who will be able to send you requests to add to friends, or only friends of your friends.
The last item is "Other". It specify which users in the social network may be visible on the Internet your personal page and what updates are in the news can be accessed by your friends.
As for the members of the site for which it is possible to use settings to restrict access to the page, they are included in the following categories: all users, friends only, friends and friends of friends, only me, some friends, some friends, including friends from new lists, school friends, best friends. One of the options presented for choice, "All but....". Specify in it those who do not have rights to view or comment on your posts and photos and write personal messages to you. To define them in the corresponding line, enter a friend's name or the name of the friends list.
In addition, under "My settings" there is another feature designed to limit user access to your data in the social network Vkontakte, the "Black list". To use it, open this section and click "add to ignore list" then type in the user name or link to his page.